Expecting me to explain racism is exploitative – that’s not my job

Participating in a recent TV debate left me angry, depressed and determined not to put up with this any more

I am a person who debates in public. Debate is good, debate is healthy. We can disagree. We can disagree and still love each other. Unless, as the blogger Son of Baldwin said, your disagreement is rooted in my oppression, your denial of my humanity, my right to exist.

A reminder of this most salient quote is one of almost 100,000 responses I received to a video I shared on social media a few days ago, which has subsequently been viewed 3 million times. The very public and communal way it has been consumed online is in perfect contrast to the very private and lonely way it was created. By me, sitting in a room, with colleagues on a Sky News debate show, who wanted to argue about an image that compared the newborn child of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to a chimp, and the consequences for the person who posted it.