AFUA X SIKA brings together two creatives:

Phyllis Taylor (Creative Director of SIKA), a long standing designer who has been committed to ethical fashion.

Afua Hirsch (best selling author and broadcaster) a promoter of fashion and influential voice on identity, belonging and self-expression.

Together they have created a fashion house that offers the modern woman something that has been glaringly absent from the market. These collections consist of pieces that allow women to our identities in bold new ways, both blending in standing out, wearing our professionalism and creativity proudly.

All our pieces are ethically made in Ghana by fairly paid craftspeople, from the seamstresses that make our pieces to the batik makers who follow ancient traditions, printing our bespoke fabrics.

AFUA X SIKA is where African design meets modern global living, in a bold new style. Made in Africa, for everyone.

We are Afua x Sika
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